Tuesday, November 1, 2016

CIM WEEK 13 of 18: One More Block......

My training thoughts this week:

  • Holy matzah balls how are we at week 13??
  • How the heck are we only at week 13, can this race just get here already??
  • I do NOT feel like I ran a race last weekend, what is this 32 mile "recovery week" nonsense?
  • God I am so tired. All the time. There is not enough sleep in all of creation.

Also, in October I apparently ran over 200 miles in a calendar month for the first time in years. I've done it a few times in 30 consecutive days since I started training again in June, but this is the first time it's actually happened within a calendar month. So, that's kind of cool.

Speaking of calendars, as the page flips and we slide into November (how the heck is it November), I'm now heading into my last big training block (weeks 14, 15, & 16, all slated for 50-60+ miles) before it's time to taper & chill for a couple of weeks.

On the one hand, I'm super excited about this. All things considered, I've had a great training cycle so far & I'm really looking forward to knocking out these last few big workouts & CIM finally just getting here. On the other hand, those weeks also happen to coincide with a bunch of work travel (BOOOO), so we'll see how that all plays out. Just to top it all of, I'm giving a talk at a conference in Monterey the afternoon before CIM, so I'll literally be driving straight to Sacramento from there & most likely won't even arrive in time for the expo. (Fortunately the lovely Cat agreed to pick up my bib for me. THANK YOU CAT!!!!)

I feel like I should be nervous about running 150+ miles in three weeks, but I'm honestly not. One thing I've definitely gotten out of this training cycle is getting super comfortable running 50+ weeks. At many times in the past that's felt like a stupid big number, but now it's starting to feel pretty normal. There are some big days in there (two more twenty milers, a couple of fast finish long runs, 13-14 mile speed/tempo workouts), but nothing I haven't done already at some point earlier in the cycle. It also helps that I'm planning to do one of the twenties with Jen, Sesa, & maybe a few other folks, & my last fast finish long run (17 miles) at the Berkeley Half on 11/20. Hopefully that will let me get through and to taper unscathed!

* * *

Grand Total: 32 miles

    * 16 easy
    * 16 long

Monday 10/24: Rest/fly to Long Beach.

    In the past after truly racing a half, I've felt generally crappy & been sort of not good for much the next day. This time I felt pretty much completely normal, though, which really makes me question (again) how hard I *really* ran at FBB.

Tuesday 10/25 & Wednesday 10/26:

    Officially these were also scheduled post-race rest days, but I really didn't feel like I needed them. I took running clothes with me to Long Beach in case I felt like a short easy run or two & had the time, but they ended up being pretty long, intense work days so it was a moot point.

Thursday 10/27: Fly home/8 easy.

    This run felt AMAZING! (I suppose that's what three consecutive rest days gets you.) It was damp and rainy & gorgeous & I felt great the whole time.

Friday 10/28: 8 easy.

    ...And ugghhh, the same run on Friday was awful. Just awful.

    Also on Friday I got super fed up with my hair & chopped off about eight inches.

    The short hair also helped facilitate my Halloween costume. Don & I went as Dream and Death Neil Gaiman's The Sandman graphic novels, so that was fun.

Saturday 10/29: Rest.

    I could have thrown in a few easy miles on Saturday but I would have had to get up early, and honestly I felt more like catching up on some much-needed sleep. After the sleep, we had another epic Alliterative Gourmet dinner party with friends. This time the letter was L, and included delicious creations like Lebanese lamb, leafy greens with lotus root, lentil & leek soup with lemon and lemon thyme, and lentil chips with lox, lemon thyme, capers, & goat cheese.

    So good.

Sunday 10/30: 8 easy 16 long

    The plan only called for another easy 8 but honestly I was kind of fed up with all this "recovery week" nonsense given that I felt completely normal. One of the interesting things about if you happen to get a couple of cutback weeks in a row later in marathon training for whatever reason is that you're un-exhausted for long enough to do a long run and realize Hey! Those 16 miles felt like nothing & I feel great! (I'm trying to savor that feeling a little as I head into this last big training block....)

* * *

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  1. Ha, love the costumes!! Those are fantastic! And your dinner (brought to you by the letter L) sounds delicious. (Wait, no lambic?)

  2. Your costumes!!!!!! I love the Gaiman Sandman books! I need to re-read them just because.

  3. Last 5 weeks!!! We can do this!!

    What's your favorite Neil Gaiman book?