Thursday, September 8, 2016

CIM WEEK 5 of 18: That cutback feeling

Blogger land leads me to believe that this is the part where I say "Ohhhh, it was so WEIRD to have a cut-back week after all these 45+ WEEKS, I felt like I BARELY RAN, I was going STIR CRAZY doing normal-people things instead of running a BAJILLION miles" but eff that noise, you guys. Other than the race (which, yeah, was awesome), this week sucked balls and I am not too proud to tell you about it.

Grand Total: 32.25 miles + 2:00:00 strength

    * 21.3 easy
    * 4.75 speed
    * 6.2 race

Monday 8/29: 1:00:00 a.m. strength work 30:00 p.m. strength work. The gym-goblin strikes again. For some reason my body decided Sunday night to keep me up until 1 in the morning & then wake me up again at 3:30. I never did get back to sleep so ended up taking half a sick day & working at home instead of getting up at 6:00 for the gym. BUT, I did spend the evening doing the part of my strength work I could without gym equipment (mostly push-ups, ab/core work, & clam shells), plus a bunch of sorely-needed stretching. (A bunch of people were out of town so we cancelled karate for the night).

Tuesday 8/30: a.m. strength work/p.m. 2 warm up, 4 x 200m / 200m jog, 20:00 @ marathon pace, 4 x 200m / 200m jog, 2 cool down = 8.75 total.

A somewhat restrained race week track workout. The only bummer was that the real track was closed because of some sort of kids' sportsball going on on the field, meaning anyone who wanted to run had to do so on the upper (windy, concrete, uneven, open-to-random-pedestrians) track. This reminded me that since I never know when this will happen, I should always bring to the track a pair of shoes that I don't mind wearing to run fast on concrete, because flats are pretty unpleasant (for me, at least; I do know some people run entire marathons in flats but that will never be me).

Sometimes I don't mind doing longer intervals on the upper track, but 200m's up there SUCK. There are no marked measurements so I have to do them by GPS so who knows how accurate they are, the hard/uneven ground is hard on my joints, and it's hard to dodge pedestrians when you're almost sprinting. All this makes it really hard to run particularly fast, whereas on the real track you can just sort of lock in & focus on the finish line. I managed to run all but the first 200m at assigned pace or faster, but honestly I still don't think it was fast enough because I was not even remotely close hitting the heart rates Coach Ashley listed for short intervals.

(Honestly, I really don't hate children's sports. I just hate that they close the track when they're not actually using it.)

Wednesday 8/31: a.m. strength/afternoon 8 easy 4 easy/p.m karate.

I had not been sleeping well this week & on Wednesday it caught up with me. I dragged myself out of bed for strength work at 6 feeling exhausted & sluggish, which happens sometimes, but usually once I get to the gym & get started I feel a lot better. Not today. I pushed and pushed and pushed myself but ultimately only made it through about 30 minutes before I started worrying about blowing my 10K on Sunday.

I had an easy 8 miles on the schedule for the afternoon and HOLY JESUS, I can't remember the last time I felt so awful on a run. Again, it happens, but almost always after the first mile or so I'm feeling a lot better. This time it just got worse and worse--I felt simultaneously low blood sugar (not possible) and as if I hadn't slept for days. Honestly four miles was probably more than I really should have pushed myself through and by the end I was probably shuffling along at a 12:00 pace. Post-run, I promptly passed out & poor Don had to go to karate all by his lonesome.

Thursday 9/1: 8 easy.

Still didn't feel as easy as it should, but WAAAAY better than Wednesday's run! Things that did not help include 1) insane headwinds and 2) wearing Hokas. (Hoka Cliftons are my absolute favorite walking-around shoes, but every time my feet are feeling beat up, I somehow get it into my head that they will be good for a nice, easy run but they are sooooo not. Running in Hokas is basically like running in damp sand, ie, annoying & just barely functional.)

Friday 9/2: a.m. strength work/p.m. football game.

Given how exhausted I'd been feeling, I thought it was probably smart to skip this morning's strength work & get some extra sleep. Also, Friday was the first Stanford football game of the season!


Look at us being all 'murican. Wait I think that's baseball.


We did win but the game was not an entertaining one; in true David Shaw fashion, he played extremely conservative first-game-of-the-season football, refusing to show plays & doing absolutely nothing more than was necessary to get the win. (I guess I can accept that over being entertained.)

***{{WHINY INTERLUDE}}*** After work but before football, I had to drive to Sunnyvale to pick up my bib for Sunday. Sadly they didn't have race day pickup (whyyyyyy), & Stanford is about 35 miles closer to Sunnyvale than San Francisco, so it made sense to just go grab it then (vs. make the 80 mile round trip on Saturday). This meant my wine drinking tail gating time was severely curtailed but oh well. #sacrifices

Saturday 9/3: 2 easy + climbing.

Just a little shakeout, which, as I mentioned, utterly sucked. We also went climbing & I swung by A Runner's Mind in SF to pick up my bib for the Half Moon Bay Half (which I'm doing with a friend as part of a long run in a couple of weeks).

Sunday 9/4: 3.3 warm-up + 6.2 RACE!! Did I mention it was awesome? It was awesome.

This week the mileage goes back up but no workouts out of respect for the 10K. I plan to enjoy it.

* * *

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