Monday, September 12, 2016

CIM WEEK 6 of 18: french toast, trail shoes, & a little race fatigue...

There's a big orange bridge in there somewhere....

Grand Total: 48 miles + 3:00:00 strength

    * 30 easy
    * 18 long

Since I raced hard on Sunday 9/4, this week was just a bunch of easy running. It's so funny how I felt fine after the race, mostly fine for the rest of the day, kind of tired on Monday, and then by Tuesday & Wednesday I finally felt the full effect of all-out race exhaustion in my legs.

Monday 9/5: Labor day!!! We had Fabulous Brunch with Don's cousin who was visiting, went to see Beetlejuice at the Alamo Draft House, & otherwise did nothing but sit on the couch all day.

I neglected to photograph my maple-bourbon French toast with vanilla
craime fraiche, so please enjoy this purloined shot from Yelp.

Tuesday 9/6: a.m. strength work/p.m. 8 easy.

This run started off feeling really yucky and hard, but the last few miles were surprisingly fast-ish even while my heart rate stayed weirdly low. (Unfortunately, I also rolled my ankle *really* badly, bad enough that for a split second I was sure I had broken it. It still hurts but isn't swollen or anything, and running doesn't seem to bother it too much. Still. Dodging bullets, y'all.)

Wednesday 9/7: a.m. strength/afternoon 4 easy/p.m karate.

In the grand tradition of Wednesday runs, this one felt pretty awful. Fortunately Wednesday & Saturday runs are "flex" days where the distance is pretty much up to me (up to & including taking a rest day). It wasn't nearly as bad as last Wednesday, but my body was exhausted & I didn't want to completely wreck myself before karate (or the rest of my runs later in the week), so I just did an easy four & gave myself a little rest time before class.

Thursday 9/8: 8 easy. Finally starting to feel good again!

Friday 9/9: a.m. strength work/p.m. 10 easy. This run felt fine, but man, I was wiped out for the rest of the evening. I'm going to chock it up to the end of the week & never getting enough sleep. :-P

Saturday 9/10: Rest.

Sunday 9/11: 18 long.

I don't want to brag (okay fine I want to brag a little), but I'm now a third of the way into training & have done three 18 mile runs, whereas I think usually by this time I've done maybe one but usually none. I don't want to say this run felt *easy*, but a lot of times after runs in the 18-20 range I basically feel disabled for the rest of the day, & today it was just like, "Yeah; I do long runs. NBD."

Also, I was smart this time & remembered that since I was running up to Land's End I should wear my trail shoes. Apparently (unlike Hokas) trail shoes are just generally nicer when your feet are feeling beat up & a lot of the sidewalks you're running on are chewed up in places (as they are in certain parts of Golden Gate Park).

Saucony Peregrines ftw! I've been really happy with them. Also they were like $30.

If all goes well, heading up into the 50s this week with some big workouts (if I can shoe-horn them in around some work travel).

* * *

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  1. I love Land's End so much. You have no idea how envious I am that you can run there.

    That French Toast looks utterly delectable. My favorite brunch place used to make French toast like that, but they stopped offering it. I'm so sad about that.

  2. Glad that the ankle roll wasn't serious! Between your near mishap and my eating cement yesterday, it'll be a miracle if we make it to CIM 100% healthy. (and hopefully these will be the least of our "injuries" - knock on wood)

  3. I think I need to find a brunch place this weekend... :D

    So in one of the photos from the 10K, your foot is doing that crazy super-pronated thing - did you ever figure out what was going on there? I remember last year's hip stuff and the subsequent adventures in taping and strengthening, and am wondering if you need to nip it in the bud before CIM!