Friday, December 2, 2016

HERE WE GO.........

Well, here we are.

As I said previously, it's been quite a ride, and no matter what happens on Sunday, I couldn't be happier with how this training cycle has gone. (I mean. I could have done without the knee drama in weeks 8 & 9. But still.) I feel like I've trained well & am prepared for a solid race, and the time will be whatever it will be.

However. I *do* have to make some decisions about pacing ahead of time, and I have to base that on *something*. (I'm not experienced enough at marathons to run them by feel.) My original thought was that as long as I was healthy and feeling reasonably good and the weather isn't doing anything ridiculous, it wasn't TOO audacious for me to go out with the 3:35 pace group (8:12/mile) and see how it feels. But, that was before I learned that apparently there is no longer a 3:35 pace group, only a 3:38 group & a 3:33 group, presumably to give people a shot at actually *getting in* to Boston should they qualify. SO NOW WHAT???

Eh, whatever. I'll probably start with the 3:38 group & then see how I feel & maybe work my way up (er, hopefully that's how it will work). My recent 10K and half marathon times back up a time somewhere in there, and my training has been simply head and shoulders stronger than the year I ran 3:36. There is definitely something kind of freeing about being able to look back on this training cycle and say, In this training cycle, I ran 35% more miles than ever before. I hit 50 miles or more in twice as many weeks. I did twice times as many runs of 16 miles or more. I did three times as many runs of 12 miles or more. I did longer and harder speed and tempo workouts than I've ever done before in my life. I did multiple workouts that scared the pants off of me.

Still, since I have never run faster than 3:36, I think it's probably smart to be a little conservative and plan to run no faster than 3:35 pace for at least the first half. If I'm feeling absolutely amazing, then maybe I can think about pushing just a tiny bit harder after that, and around 20-22 basically run as fast as I think I can manage.

But, I'm also completely prepared for 8:12 to feel just barely manageable start to finish. And also for it to feel too hard. I know I should be feeling pretty happy & comfortable for the first 13-18 miles, & if that's not what 3:35 pace brings on Sunday, I'm more than willing to back off a bit in the interest of running a negative split.

So, we'll see. At this point I've done all there is to do, training wise; all that's left is to remember to pack everything & not oversleep. D:


See you on the flip side of this thing!


  1. Hi Angela, Good luck on Sunday. I am also running CIM and will probably try to stick with the 3:38 pace group. I will likely see you there.
    - Linda from SF (we emailed a couple of times)

    1. Ah, exciting!! I hope we get to meet up!!

  2. YASSSSS. Love the photo montage. Remember that whatever happens on Sunday morning, we get #AllTheFood and #AllTheDrinks afterwards.

  3. Excited for you!!!!!!! Cheese so hard it drips out of your ears!

  4. Go out there and Crush it!! But...make sure you don't crazy in the first half. There are sure to be people around your goal time you can use as pacers.

  5. So exciting, and wish I had pacing advice, but negative splits are not my strength at all!

  6. Good luck! Maybe I'll see you somewhere at the start (I'm short, black short ponytail/bun, should be wearing a red headband with skulls on it.

    My coach's instructions to me were: go out conservative for the first 10K, then follow your instincts.