PRs & Goals

GoalsThese are my PRs (within the last 7-8 years; as far as I'm concerned nothing before that counts) and goals, current as of August 2018.

1) 5K: My PR is 20:44 (Menlo-Atherton Big Bear Run 5K, May '12). Christpants, I feel so so certain I will never run that fast ever ever again. With Boston 2 Big Sur behind me, I want to take a break from the long stuff for a while & spend fall 2018-spring 2019 getting some speed back and see what these 38-year-old legs still have in them. Perhaps they'll surprise me! In the next year my 5K goals are to 1) complete a hard 5K without blowing out a calf muscle, which happened twice in 2017, and 2) run a sub-22, then a sub-21:30, then a sub-21.

2) 10K: My PR is 44:21 (Summer Breeze, Aug. '12, San Leandro, CA). In September 2016 I had a bit of a "comeback" and ran 44:38, and I'm curious to see if maybe somewhere deep down I've still got a PR in me in the next year or so. I am hoping to run a sub-45 sometime this fall (2018) and WOW it would feel so great to run a sub-44 sometime in the spring (2019).

3) Half Marathon: My current PR is 1:38:52 (Healdsburg Half, Oct. '12). I've been so focused on the marathon for the past few years that I haven't *really* trained for another HM PR in a while, but I did manage a 1:41 at RNR San Jose 2017, which makes me think there may still be some hope of going sub-1:40 again before I die. But probably not in the next year as I want to focus more on the short, fast stuff for now. If I'm lucky, maybe the speedy stuff will lay some solid 13.1 groundwork.

4) Marathon: Holy moley, after 3.5 years of injuries & other setbacks, I *FINALLY* ran a marathon PR of 3:31:45 at California International Marathon 2016. In 2018 I had a shitty Boston Marathon and a surprisingly okay Big Sur, but now that that's behind me I have no plans to run another marathon in the foreseeable future. Maybe in 2021 when I age up again.