Tuesday, July 11, 2017

SJRNRHM Week 2 of 14: So far, so good + Another 5K?

Happy post-Fourth of July! As usual, we mostly just saw glowing clouds here.


Nothing super exciting to report this week; still pretty low mileage, but a gradual bump up from last week, including a bit of speed work (with no calf pain! Yay!), which is what we call progress. Also, it's kind of funny how quickly you start to lose your endurance. Going into those 8-10 milers, I'd be thinking, "Maybe I'm being too conservative, maybe I should go a little further." And then 75% through or thereabouts, I'd find myself thinking, "Nope, that was just about right!" I've also been lifting more consistently (#goldstars) but my legs aren't quite used to it yet, so that also makes things a little harder than usual. But overall, I'm happy with how the week turned out.

In other news, I'm debating taking another crack at 5K on the track next Tuesday in San Rafael. I'll be working in Sacramento that day so the only reason it's even a possibility is because the 5K is the last event, but I might also be completely exhausted by then & just want to go home & sleep. I also know that I won't really be ready for it the same way as I was on the 17th, coming off of a pretty low mileage month and just a couple of short speed workouts vs. a pretty decent mileage month with quite a lot of 5K-focused speed work. But I definitely have a habit of only ever wanting to race when I know I'm in really good shape & well-tapered & etc., which honestly means I don't just race for fun as much as I'd like. So....maybe??

* * * Rock 'N Roll San Jose Half: Week 2 of 14 * * *

Grand Total: 32.2 miles

    * 30 easy
    * 2.2 speed

Monday 7/3: Rest. Monday was our last day in Tahoe, so I didn't really do much.

Tuesday 7/4: 2 warm up, 2 x 1600m @ LT pace / 1:30 jog, 2 cool down = 6.2 speed. This was my first attempt at fast running since pulling my calf muscle a few weeks ago. Thankfully it felt great the whole time!

Wednesday 7/5: a.m. strength work / p.m. karate. Woke up with just a bit of soreness in the spot on my calf, but it went away fairly quickly.

Thursday 7/6: 8 easy. My calf seemed fine, but the rest of me was pretty tired and also sore from lifting. Things got a little better with time, but the first couple of miles were not pretty.

Friday 7/7: a.m. strength work / 8 easy. In retrospect, I think two 8's in the row plus still being sore from lifting was really riding the edge of what was or was not a good idea. This run was so hard, start to finish, and included multiple miles in the 11:xx range Previously I'd been thinking about doing a short, easy run on Saturday if I was feeling good, but after this, that idea went right out the window--my body 100% definitely needed a rest day.

Saturday 7/8: Rest

Sunday 7/9: 10 easy (so, in the spirit of a long run, but I can't actually bring myself to refer to 10 miles as a long run)

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