Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Resisting, & trying to stay dry.

What it's been like around here lately


If you're reading this, then the world hasn't ended yet (yet), so YAY! BRIGHT SIDE AMIRITE.

If you marched on Saturday, you are my hero. If you're looking for concrete actions to take next, might I suggest locating your closest swing district that's on the 2018 ballot & considering getting involved with their campaign. Mine is CA-10 and you can bet I am already making plans.


It's been a wet one around these parts lately. We had a gorgeous weekend, but after the holiday it's as if the weather kind of went, "Eh, that's enough joy for you people, here have a thunderstorm or three." (Kind of bizarre since we never have thunderstorms here.)

In terms of running, week three was SUPER RUDE in that things at my job kept just catching on fire (metaphorically, not literally) for NO GOOD REASON AT ALL. Sure, I work the occasional long-ish day, particular when I travel, because that's how most jobs work, but this week it's been one damn crisis after another and GUYS GET IT TOGETHER I HAVE RUNNING TO DO.

(Seriously, most of time, I do love my job, and I know how lucky I am to have found meaningful work, great coworkers, and a reasonable amount of flexibility all in one place. Which I've been reminding myself of over and over again this week.)

* * *

Grand Total: 40.4 miles + 2 hours strength

* 24.7 easy
* 1.7 speed
* 14 long

Monday 1/16: Rest.

    This was a scheduled rest day, but if I'd known what Tuesday and Wednesday held in store, I would have totally thrown a few easy miles in anyway.

Tuesday 1/17: a.m. strength / 3 warm up, 2 x (3 x 300m / 300m jog)/300m jog, 3 cool down.

    Two Tuesday zeros in a row??? WTF?

    Like I said, work caught on fire & I ended up needing to work all evening. Boo.

Wednesday 1/18: a.m. 6 easy / p.m. 4 easy

    I was supposed to do strength work Wednesday morning but I was super pissed about missing my run Tuesday so instead figured I'd try to make up some mileage by shoehorning in a few miles in the morning and a few more later that evening. Half of that plan worked out; the other half was foiled by more work craziness.

Thursday 1/19: 10 easy

    Ah, those magical, blissfully easy runs that only happen after multiple days off (& one other short easy run). More of this, please.

Friday 1/20: a.m. strength / 3 warm up, 2 x (3 x 300m / 300m jog)/300m jog, 3 cool down

    Not gonna lie, my first three strength workouts of the year were kind of a slog. Thankfully, on Friday, my body finally went, "Oh right! THIS is how this works." 65 lb. deadlifts, you guys! #ripped #justkidding #likereallyreallykidding

    Actually, things really felt way easier than they should have Friday, which is a good thing in a way, but also means it's probably time to slide a little more weight on next time.

    As teensy as it was, I wanted to get that speed workout done after work, and since I needed to tack on a bunch of easy miles anyway, I just ran from home to the track as a warm up (~3.5-ish miles), did the 300m's, then ran home. Though apparently somewhere in there I miscalculated & ended up with 10.4 miles instead of 10. Ah well.

Not nearly as nice a day today out at the track as last week. Even the weather is protesting.

Saturday 1/21: 4 easy Rest

    I think I may have underestimated my ability to bounce back from back-to-back double digit days this early in training, just because I was doing it occasionally during CIM training with no problem. I was mentally ready to get a few recovery miles in on Saturday but as soon as I got up my body was giving me some of those serious yellow flag feelings that you ignore at your peril. I might have done it anyway if I didn't have 14 on the schedule for the next day, but I knew I'd be kicking myself if I tweaked something & had to skip or shorten it. So, I did the smart thing & just took a rest day, which is fine for now.

Sunday 1/22: 14 easy.

    WOW, was it pouring on Sunday! It was drizzling just a bit when I headed out, but I'd gone less than a mile before it was legit raining, and by 3-4 miles it was utterly pouring. I was wearing my RunShield water resistant shoes & my most hardcore waterproof jacket, by the halfway point I was utterly soaked anyway, and water resistant shoes don't help much when you're surrounded by deep, wide miniature lakes that are pretty much impossible to leap over or dodge around. Also I really really underestimated the temperature--it was 40s, maybe, which would not be so bad except for the pouring rain. It took me about half an hour to fully regain feeling in my hands. Egads.

    Please enjoy this stock photo of my RunShields because I just cannot be bothered.

    Weather aside, this run still didn't feel great. My right hip and knee were both bugging me a little (BAD), as was the old stress fracture spot in my left tibia (DOUBLE BAD). I finished feeling okay, but the next morning I felt sore and beat up in a way that I haven't in a really, really long time (even after multiple 50+ weeks). So I'm just trying to dutifully keep up the strength work & hope that whatever fairy dust got me through the highest mileage 18 weeks of my life this past fall will kick back in at some point.

Two consecutive weeks in the 40-45 range, though, so still officially on track!

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  1. It's also been a lot of 'what the fuck, my brain is exploding,' so there's that.

    And, I ran at Kezar for the first time the other day. It's actually a nice track