Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review: Saucony Ignite LT Bra

If you do not wear sports bras, or are one of those awesome ladies who can get away with wearing a $15 sports bra from Target or wherever, this review is not for you. (I mean, you can read it; it just probably won't be all that informative.)

A few weeks back I broke one of my own cardinal rules about buying running gear (there really aren't that many, actually) and bought a sports bra online that I had not tried on IRL. (That means "in real life," btw. I learned that from teenagers when I was a teacher.) But you know how it is. It's late, you're chilling with a glass of red, reading the interwebs, and what do you spy but the hot-looking Saucony Ignite LT sports bra, which TOTALLY matches those shorts that you had to get in black and pink, because it was the only color they had. (Don't ask me why I've started caring about that stuff lately. I can't explain it.)

I didn't expect that it would be as epically awesome as my Moving Comfort Alexis ones (which are basically perfect in every way), but I thought, hey, it's Saucony, and they generally make pretty decent stuff. Plus it was on sale (maybe $25ish instead of the usually $35ish?), so done.

Honestly, I should have known better as soon as I put it on & did a little experimental bouncing. I should've taken it right off, packaged it back up, and returned it. But my optimism got the best of me, so I thought, "I'll just head out on a short little run with it. Maybe it'll be fine."

No. No, it was very very very NOT fine at all. It is not, as the site advertises, "built for speed" unless you are the type of lady for whom a sports bra is really just a formality anyway. (Or your speed is walking.) I felt like it was barely there at all, and while there are maybe items in life where this is desirable, a running bra is not one of them for gals who sport C cups.

This girl has significantly smaller boobs than me, but it gives you an idea of how the higher neckline looks.
So, having cut the tags off and sweated it all up, I relegated this (admittedly attractive) bra to my collection of medium-impact ones I wear to karate. (Even medium-impact is probably kind of generous, but karate typically doesn't involve a ton of rapid bouncing up and down, so it's not really that big of a deal.) I will say that I'm a fan of the high-cut neckline, something I wish more companies would add. In general I prefer a sports bra that fits more like a midriff / crop top or somewhere between a bra and a tank. (This is the one complaint I have about my MC bras--for all that they lock shit down like none other, they are kind of skimpy-looking.)

So. If you like the colors & the high neckline & can get away with running in whatever, maybe this bra is for you. But it is NOT a functional running bra for anyone with an even remotely large chest.


  1. I wish I needed this review but a Nike piece of elastic does me proud!!! Enjoy your girls ;)

    1. Lol....Believe me, there are times when I would TOTALLY trade you. ;)