Friday, April 29, 2011

Gear: Moving Comfort "Alexis" Sports Bra

Moving Comfort Alexis Sports BraUpdate: Totally not discontinued! I don't know what happened; maybe they just wanted to give it a little break before re-launching with some new patterns. I can't even tell you how relieved I am that this bra is still freely available.

This review maybe a moot one, given how difficult this bra has been to find in recent weeks. I haven't been able to find any official word on it being discontinued, but most places seem to be closing it out, and sizes and colors have been very limited. Still, it's my favorite sports bra of all time, so I figure I kind of owe it.

The thing about running is that, if you are even remotely close to well-endowed, it can be tough to keep things in place. (One study I read found that boobs can cover a whopping eight inches of vertical distance with each step. Ouch.) There was a time in my life when I was not terribly picky about sports bras and just grabbed whichever one was on sale at the sporting goods chain near my house. For some reason it took me much, much longer than it should have to make the connection between the quality of a sports bra / the time you invest in finding a good one and how comfortable said bra is after ten miles or so. Since then, I've been on the hunt for the perfect support system, and while I've found plenty of reasonably fine candidates, it wasn't until Alexis from Moving Comfort that I felt my runner girl boobs had finally come home.

I've worn a lot of "high impact" sports bras in my life, but this is the first one I've worn where, no matter what I do, nothing moves, which I attribute to a) exceptionally sturdy materials, b) individual cups, and c) compression like nobody's business. Plenty of sports bras I've worn have one or two of these going on; all three is the reason I own five of these, though.

The website describes Alexis as "designed for smaller-cupped women" in the A/B range, but even as a 36C, I've been quite happy in a medium. It does fit a bit snugly, but as a runner that's exactly what I want. The materials are synthetic and breathable, keeping skin (relatively) dry and comfortable, and shoulder straps are adjustable. It does not come cheap (I've mostly seen it in the $34-36 range), but when I find something that's well-made from sturdy materials that WORKS, I'm willing to spend a little extra.

So, I really do hope Moving Comfort continues making this design. Highly, highly recommend!

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