Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week In Review: June 12 - 18

Running ShoesThis is my weekly training journal. Including it in the blog gives me a little extra accountability in the mileage department & helps me stick to my schedule. :)

Unfortunately, I couldn't get my longer run in on Sunday, so things got shuffled around a bit this week. In the end this meant running only four days instead of five, but given that I've had some trouble with shin splints lately, it was probably for the best.

Tuesday: 9 miles (7 easy + 2 @ 10K pace). A lovely run on a lovely evening. In spite of hills and reasonably warm weather, I kept a pretty good clip going without much effort and even managed negative splits. I told myself I'd see how the first seven felt before deciding whether or not to push the last two; with two miles left, a strong pace, and no hint of weariness, I decided why the hell not.

Thursday: 4 miles (1 mile warm up + 12 x 400 hard). On the track this time! Any day I can get to the track to run, it's a good day. Even better, I completed all 12 in 1:30 or better. (During my Santa Cruz training, I was shooting for 1:30-1:40 per lap.) I wasn't expecting Pride next weekend to be all that fantastic of a race for me, but who knows? Maybe I'll actually put up a decent time. (On the other hand, my ankles and calves are a little unhappy with me. They may or may not have been quite as up to this as the rest of me.)

Friday: 6 miles (1 mile warm up + 5 miles tempo). Today was the last straw. From now on, I'll be doing my tempo runs on the track or not at all. It's just too stressful to try to maintain such a careful pace when I also have hills, traffic lights, pedestrians, etc. to content with (to say nothing of the @#$^&$% wind that won't @#$%^&% leave this city the @#$%&$ alone). On top of that, my Garmin has been all sorts of wonkadoodle on my usual route in the last week or so; my pacing may not be perfect, but there's just no way I'm vacillating between, say, 6:50 and 8:35 every twenty seconds or so. On a low-key run it's not that big of a deal (1 mile splits are good enough), but on a tempo run it's kind of a problem. On top of that, my shin splints were acting up again something fierce, which made the whole run just that more miserable. Sigh. Just one of those days.

Saturday: 6 miles (3 mile warm up + 3 miles @ 10K pace). Sooo nice to run on the track again. Not completely recovered from Friday, but definitely felt a lot better (physically and mentally!). I still had to contend with the wind on one stretch of the track, which probably meant I was running at more 5K effort occasionally in order to keep a 10K pace, but it was still a good run and I felt reasonably good after.

Grand Total: 25 miles

I'd kind of hoped to get back up to 30 this week, but I'd rather take things a little more slowly and stay healthy than push too fast and end up losing time to dealing with injuries again. And really, given that I'm primarily working on 10Ks right now, I'm not in any huge rush to up mileage yet.

Next Saturday I'm planning on running the SF Pride Run 10K, so I'll be backing off a little bit. I'm not going into it with huge expectations, but it's on a familiar course, so it'll be interesting to see what happens. :)

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