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This page is for people who are thinking of asking me to promote a product, service, or event and/or host a give-away on my blog. I decided to add it because I get a lot of emails about those kinds of things & thought putting up some basic FAQ might cut down on some of the back-and-forth.
  • Are you interested in posting marketing / promotional material for products / events / services?

    It depends. In general my feeling is that if I would be exciting about reviewing a product / event / service regardless of whether or not someone was asking me to do it (meaning I have some experience with it, and have had a positive experience, and think people who read the blog would find it interesting or useful), I'm happy to. I would rather write more about my direct experience than copy & paste pre-existing marketing materials, but if there is additional pertinent information included that I might not have otherwise, I don't mind including that.

    Generally my rule is that if I don't have anything personal to write about it, I'm probably not interested in posting about it, because that basically turns my blog into a free advertising platform, and then I kind of feel like I'm spamming people who read it. I think people who are interested in my product / event / service reviews are interested because they trust (or at least know something about) my opinion.

  • Are you interested in posting promotional material in exchange for trying out whatever it is?

    I am MUCH more likely to be interested in writing a post about something if I've had some experience with it, so as long as whatever it is is vaguely related to running / road racing, I'm usually happy to give it a shot. If I do try it out and don't think it's much good, though, it's going to be hard for me to write a flattering post. I'm not in the habit of just throwing something into a post in exchange for random freebies unless I think people would genuinely benefit from hearing about it.

  • Are you interested in hosting give-aways?

    Again, it depends. I have turned down just about every give-away I've been approached about because the products / events were things that I just could not comprehend anyone who reads my blog being interested in. On the other hand, if the give-away in question is for something at least vaguely related to running / road racing I'll certainly consider it. I've even given away things that don't particularly appeal to me, because I thought there was at least some chance that someone who reads the blog might legitimately be interested.

    So, if you are considering asking me to do a give-away, I would ask that you spend a little time perusing a few different posts in order to be sure that whatever it is seems like it would be a good fit.

I hope that's helpful! Please feel free to email if you have any questions. :)

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