Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Fall Speedfest, Week 4 of 18

This was a little bit of a weird week, being both a recovery week but also kind-of, sort-of a race week as well. I have to say that the 10K on Sept. 2 trashed my legs more than I'd expected; in the past I feel like I've bounced back from short (ie, not double-digits) races fairly quickly, easily back to easy runs after a day of rest, & feeling fairly normal by the end of the week. Definitely not the case this time, for whatever reason. I was sore and my legs were achey for a few days, actually, and in fact it was serious enough that I skipped my Tuesday easy run for another rest day. Although the XC race wasn't a "real" race, I wanted to be fresh enough to at least enjoy it, and when I didn't feel that's the road I was headed towards, I took rest days on Friday and Saturday as well.

~*~*~ Fall '18 Speedfest: Week 4 of 18 ~*~*~

Grand Total: 25.2 miles
    * 21.5 easy
    * 3.7 race

Monday 9/3: Karate.

Tuesday 9/4: Rest. 6 easy on the schedule but my legs still felt AWFUL and I thought another rest day was smarter.

Wednesday 9/5: 6 easy (no karate). My legs were NOT happy about this. I was still stiff & sore but thought maybe some gentle activity would help.

Thursday 9/13: 6 easy. Legs still unhappy, but I tried to stick with the plan, again with the "maybe-active-recovery-is-what-I-need" philosophy.

Friday 9/14: 6 easy Rest. When I still felt shitty on Friday I decided that more rest was in order if I was going to have any chance at enjoying the XC race on Sunday.

Saturday 9/15: Rest.

Sunday 9/16: 5.5 warm up, 3.7 race, 4 cool down = 13.2 total


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