Monday, July 23, 2018

Back to Micro-Blogging...

Hello friends!

Lately I've been starting blog posts and never finding time to finish them. Hopefully I *will* at some point, but in the mean time, just a quick update so that you don't think I've died.

  • Running! A thing I am doing! After eight weeks completely off after Boston 2 Big Sur, I'm now wrapping up my 4th week of getting back to running. It's all easy miles right now, with 12.5 miles the first week, 22 miles in week 2, 34 in week 3, and now 40 miles this past week.

    I'm doing my best to stick to my tried-&-true base training protocol, ie, all easy miles & keeping my heart rate between 140 & 150 bpm (which sometimes means walking!). I had sort of assumed that when I ran the numbers (because, data nerd) that two months off would probably result in being in worse shape than at the beginning of previous cycles when I haven't had so much (or any) time off, but this first month of runs has looked pretty similar to previous cycles, so perhaps this is just where I bottom out. 1

  • Racing! For better or worse, I'll be lining up at Race to the End of Summer 10K in San Jose on Sunday, September 2. I'm planning to do a few weeks of speed work beforehand but it won't be a ton, so my only real goal is to race well suffer as much as I can stand. A sub-45:00 would be a nice surprise but I'm not really expecting it given how little training time I'll have under my belt.

    And hey! If you want to come out & play too, you can take $7 off the 5K, 10K, or half. It's a solid course and a well-run event and I've enjoyed it both times I've run.

  • Living situation! In late June Don & I moved back into our house. It's not done yet, but there are toilets and showers and sinks and kitchen appliances, so, progress. (Psshhh who needs kitchen outlets.) Don's parents came to stay from July 4 through the weekend, so if nothing else, we have a functional guest bedroom & bathroom.

    Though, we did christen the ovens Friday night with a blackberry & raspberry galette. It did not suck.

    I posted it on facebook & now I am getting adds for Keto facebook groups. Obviously.

So, that's life lately. Also working & traveling more than I would like. But I'm still fitting in the miles.

What u up to lately?

Bake anything good?

Get any amusing facebook recommendations?


  1. I've been watching your house updates! Especially since I'm in house-mode, too - we bought a house just blocks from our old one, and since it's "new" (1915), it doesn't need any work (oh, New Orleans). But I had some paint color issues so was definitely checking out your posts! So far looking good - man, talk about a lengthy renovation. You have the patience of Job.

    1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I have formed many opinions about paint, paint colors, & how to figure them out, so just give a holler. Emily Henderson wrote some great posts on choosing colors for rooms with less than ideal lighting which I found super helpful.

  2. That galette dessert looks delicious. I've never actually heard of the dessert but I'd eat it. It looks like an open faced pie and the filling looks tasty. Your home renovations look great so far, I'm glad you get to move back in and hope that everything is complete soon so that you can fully enjoy it.

    Yay for building your mileage back- especially so quickly! Sounds like you had a really good comeback plan and I hope training goes well and so does the 10K.

    1. Hah, yes open-face pie is a great description! Fingers crossed that mileage continues to go well. I've had a massage therapist working on some long-term things (like psoas tightness) and I think it's made a real difference for me. (Hoping to blog about that soon but who knows......)