Thursday, March 26, 2015

The One With The Race Discounts

BAH. First, blog friends with WordPress, it pretty much hates me right now (again). All my comments disappear into the ether with no explanation. Trying again results in the extremely unhelpful "Oops! Looks like you've already said that!" error message. So, it's not that you've become dull to me -- technology and I are just not getting along well currently. (Not even joking. The IT people at my company of thousands all know me by sight and voice. It's such a problem.)

Second, some discount/promo codes for you Bay Area folks!

$5 off the Merco Credit Union Half Marathon at UC Merced ($70 for another month) with coupon code MCUHM55. (Coupon expires Mon 04/06). The race is June 7, 2015 at 6:30 a.m., & perks include medals, breakfast, tech t-shirts, and a flat, all-pavement loop course. Net proceeds pledged to college scholarships for Merced County high school graduates. There's also a 5K.

Also, if you're into a more laid-back, fully-supported but not timed 5K/10K experience, you can get $5 off any number of Bay Area City Beer Runs with promo code SWEAT, which gets you the 5K at $25 or the 10K at $35. There is free beer at the end, free coasters or koozies usually, plus a free raffle entry for bar tabs, growlers, t-shirts, race entries, socks, personal training sessions, coffee, pint glasses, etc. Run several of them & I hear they even start giving you medals.

Upcoming City Beer Runs where this code is good include:

  • 4/26 - Marin Brewco (Larkspur)
  • 5/9 - Speakeasy (San Francisco)
  • 5/23 - Lake Chalet (Oakland)
  • 6/13 - Thirsty Bear (San Francisco)
  • 6/27 - Pyramid Alehouse (Walnut Creek)
  • 8/15 - Rogue Public House (San Francisco)
  • 8/22 - Strike Brewhouse (San Jose)

It might work for the other races as well, who knows??

Remember that 10-Miler I ran in January? The next race in the Northern California 10-Miler Series is coming up in Sunnyvale on Sunday, June 28. (I'll either be running this race or PrideRun the day before - not sure yet.) There's also a 5K. Use the code FC to save $5 off either race!

Finally, if you want to run Bay to Breakers, I've been told that you can use my email address in the promo code field for $5. (It's not an email address I usually give out on the internet so shoot me an email using the little icon on the side bar if you're interested and I'll give it to you.) The promo is good through April 30. (Full disclosure: There is some kind of VIP package raffle that people using your email gets you entered into, but honestly I have no interest in it & probably wouldn't even use it if I did win. I just thought some people might like a little discount.)


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