Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Thick of It.

So what does Coach do on the heels of my highest mileage week & longest run (excepting Berkeley Half) in over a year?

Why, naturally, he assigns an 11 mile tempo run. (Ish. 2 warm up, 5 x 2K @ LT threshold / 1:15 recoveries, 2 cool down.)

I spent most of Tuesday dreading and/or fretting about this. I'd just run 13 miles two days before, done a realistically-harder-than-tempo-effort-slash-race the day before that, and last week my long run was 11 miles. Plus, although most of the time that LT/half marathon/"comfortably hard" range is totally my bag, I haven't done much running in that range post-stress fracture and 6.2 miles of it sounded like kind of a lot.

Blessedly, my warm-up went well & I didn't feel sore or overly tired or have the super-tight Achilles/lower calves to deal with that I've had on the track just about every Tuesday. Running in the mid-eights felt comfortable but not super easy, so I was still kind of nervous about trying to crank it down to the 7:25 range.

Ultimately, I'm pretty sure I kind of botched this workout. I was so up in my head and freaking out about struggling with the paces that I ended up focusing too much on the pace & not enough on my effort level, which, since most of these intervals were either uphill or into a vicious headwind or both, means that I absolutely ran some of them too hard.

I actually did 1.25's instead of 2K's because the stupid
Garmin 220 will only auto lap at multiples of .05 miles. Arrrrrgh.

Also I hate constantly looking at my watch during recovery intervals so I usually just count in my head, and apparently my counting was kind of off (though actually not quite as off as it looks, because I totally en-long-ened some of the recovery intervals slightly on purpose in order to not start the hard interval in a stupid spot or at a stupid not-nice distance mark like 5.77). Also I was running in the Park so there were water & traffic light pauses as well.

BUT! It was still a stupid long threshold run on tired legs, I still hit all the paces (actually, beat, slightly, on average) even with all the hills & ridiculous wind, and finished the run with no pain or discomfort anywhere & feeling, if anything, fresher & stronger than when I'd started. (??????!?!!!?????!?)

So I'm putting this one, if not in the WIN column, at the very least in the WIN*(?) column.

Running is weird.


  1. A-hah! You can set your 220 to *kilometres* and have it auto-lap at 2km. I know, because I have mine in km and set to auto-lap at...1.61km, or one mile.

    Don't worry. I still haven't figured out how to tempo-run properly, either, and I'm not totally sure I ever will. It's so dependent on how you feel that day and the conditions, so I've simply taken to doing them by effort.

  2. Nice run! And sounds like the higher miles are not hurting you at all. In fact - your highest week in forever, and your calves felt BETTER! Sounds like you are doing a couple things right :)

  3. A definite WIN - no question marks about it! And I was just about to suggest the same thing as Grace - change the distance setting to km!