Friday, June 6, 2014

Shoe "Review": Brooks Pure Drift 2

So like I said when I first mentioned that I got these shoes, they were on super hella clearance, which I kind of feel like probably means that there's about to be a new version, so there's maybe less point that usual in actually writing a review. With that in mind, this will be brief.

(No, really. I promise.)

Quick recap:

  • I have lots of shoes I like a lot but none I am 100% joint-checking-account-style in love with.
  • I basically want a Saucony Kinvara with more room in the toe box & slightly less cushioning.
  • My first & only Brooks Pure shoe was the first version of the Connect, which was weird & narrow & gave me foot cramps.
  • Internet people have raved about version #2 of the Drift, so I bought a super-discounted pair to try out.


  • They very well may be the most comfortable running shoes I've ever slipped on. Usually that doesn't really mean anything in terms of how they work for me long-term, but it's still nice.
  • Light-weight.
  • Nice & flexible.
  • Excellent ground feel.
  • TONS of room in the toe box, but still comfortably snug around the heel/arch.
  • 4mm heel drop with the footbed in it, or remove it for a zero-drop shoe.


  • Even with the insert, doesn't really feel like a 4mm-drop shoe. I have read in a few places that some people felt like the insert compresses more than, say, the midsole of a more traditional shoe would, so it may actually be more of a 2-3mm shoe in practice. (This won't be a con for everyone, but with my tight calf issues, I'm a little wary of running in anything less than 4mm right now.)
  • Just a TAD less cushioning than I'd like. I definitely prefer more ground feel than you get in a traditional shoe, but there was a bit too much of that running-in-bath-slippers feeling for me to feel super comfortable on concrete. (I admit I'm being really picky here; they're both pretty darn close to perfect. But if the Kinvara is the Pappa Bear of cushioning, The PureDrift is Baby Bear. WHERE ARE YOU, MAMA BEAR?!?!?)


There are a lot of things I like about this shoe, but I think it is probably a little too far in the other direction in terms of less cushioning/support/drop than it's a great idea for me to go right now. I have a feeling it might make a great track shoe, but I want to be careful with my calf muscles as I'm increasing my mileage (particularly in terms of heel drop), so I'll probably put off trying that until they're in better shape and I'm not marathon training. In the future, I could totally see doing small amounts of running in them here & there & gradually building up to where they're comfortable & not scary.


  1. Can't believe you food-scale-d your shoes, LOL! They have a nice color, though.

    Glad I stopped by here and will follow. =)

  2. There's nothing wrong w using a food scale to weigh shoes! Just wash it off later:)

  3. It is totally acceptable to food-scale your shoes PRIOR to the first wearing. I think. Or something like that. The Drift sounds like something I'd love to try out. I loved my NB Minimus but they just wore out so darn fast.

  4. Heh, I usually weigh & photograph them right out of the box, but if I decided to go back & weigh an old shoe for some reason, I just make sure it's not exceedingly gross on the bottom & then wash the scale after. :)

  5. The Brooks PureDrift is the lightest weight shoe (out of 4) in the Pure line. The PureFlow is the most cushioned. The PureCadence is the second most cushioned. If you're used to Kinvaras (like me), those two likely have too much cushioning as trainers. But the PureConnect is the second most lightweight shoe in the line. Apparently, the PureConnect 3 has wider toe box than previous models and seems to be well liked. I'm looking into replacing my current trainers (Kinvara 4) with the PureConnect 3s. I seem to have the exact same feelings toward the Kinvara as you do: trusty but not 100% perfect. Best of luck with the shoe search! I'll let you know how I like the PureConnect 3s.