Thursday, June 5, 2014

One of Those "Keeping It Real" Posts

During my time on the internet, I have learned that it is very important to blog readers that bloggers "keep it real," which means maintaining a careful balance of posts expounding on how awesome-sauce/amazing your life is vs. how "real" (ie shitty) it is. With this post I hope I am doing my Bloggerly Duty re: the rainbows-and-unicorns-to-realness ratio.

So. Ahem.

Tuesday was the stupidest day ever. First, I had to drive 40 miles to get to the South Bay butt-early in the morning for the second day in a row (!), which means I couldn't do my a.m. bike ride & there was just no way I was doing that in the afternoon and then going to the track. Then, although it was bright & warm & sunny in my neighborhood, it was cold & windy & dark at Kezar Stadium.

What it was like in the Mission.

What it was like in the Sunset three miles away.

To add insult to injury, the track was closed, which meant I had to do my speed work on the upper concrete track, which I hate with the red-hot passion of a thousand suns. AND THEN, my run totally sucked ass.

Beforehand I was like, "Cool, just 2 hard 1200m's. Easy." But then, although I had been instructed to run them at 7:10 pace, I accidentally ran the first one at 6:55 pace, which meant that I couldn't really do the easy 1:00 recovery jog I was supposed to do in between the two & also (I was pretty sure) that I would totally tank on the second one. I tried to slow it down closer to 7:10 but (even though I thought I was actually going to die) ended up running it just slightly faster than the first one. I am not really sure how this happened.

The worst part was that my cool down utterly, epically sucked. I finished the 1.5 miles, but not without resorting to stopping every quarter-to-a-third of a mile to shake out the burning in my legs. Also that stupid pain in my right calf was back.

So I guess what I'm saying is:

Yeah; that about sums it up.

Keeping it real, yo.


  1. Yeah, we all get days like that. So nice to hear that your life isn't all sunshine and roses and fairy dust either.

  2. no sign of the Impalas? lol on rainbows and unicorns

  3. I think the earth is out of alignment or something this week. It's been far from unicorns in my neck of the woods, too. Sorry about your blah. Thanks for your honesty!

  4. Boo calf pain. Hope it was just a temporary thing!