Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Playing in DC; Getting Stronger

I don't get the internet obsession with this guy, but I would totally hire him as a porter if it meant doing less laundry.
This week I am out in Washington DC for work. Partly this is cool because I'm excited about the conference I'm here for; partly it's cool because my college roommate Monica lives here & she's been trying to get me to come visit for years.

The first hurdle I faced was packing. I wanted to have enough clothes to run or do something else active every day if I felt like it, but with everything else I needed to pack, that desire did not mesh well with my determination to bring a single suitcase.

In the end I decided that as a fellow runner / active person, Monica must have some strategy in her life for converting foul clothes to clean ones & I could just do a load sometime mid-week if I needed to.

First, I understand now how it's so easy for Sweaty Emily to sweat once/thrice/twelve times a day. We walked to lunch & back the first day I was here & I had to shower again when we got home. After that first day I understood why Monica told me that it was probably best to just plan on wearing running clothes for general walking around. If you can go outside for any reason in DC in the summer and not sweat, you are probably dead.

On Saturday we ran the Nation Mall together. Monica is recovering from a stress fracture so we're pretty well matched right now.

Four miles is of course another post-marathon personal distance record for me, and since Monica hasn't run in a month and has just been cleared to start again, she was happy to get through it pain-free as well. I didn't pay as much attention to my posterior chain stuff as I have been; to be honest I really just wanted to get in some miles with Monica, and it was hot & humid enough that the run was hard enough as it was. Whatever; I spent 20 minutes abusing my glutes with a Lacrosse ball later that evening so I'm sure it all balanced out.

It isn't my first time in DC so I didn't go too crazy with the monument pictures:

World War II Monument, which is new since I was last here.

Washington Monument is under construction to fix earthquake damage.

Same with MLK Jr.

Definitely the best quotes of anyone.

Since the running the monuments, there've been a few other quality field trips:

DC Zoo

Visiting Einstein

Everybody loves Uncle Franklin

Eleanor is my homegirl.

There's also been a solid amount of good eating & drinking, which are two of my favorite things:

Zaytinia for Mediterranean

Mike Isabella's Graffiato for Italian

Lamb shank at La Diplomate (French)

Lobster at La Diplomate

Cocktails at Zaytinia. I recommend the Harissa Fizz! (middle)

"Smokin' in the Boys Room" at The Passenger. Mezcal, bourbon, bitters, honey, lemon, Cocchi Americano, & fresh peaches.

The bartender at Passenger made this one up for me on the fly, so I don't know what it's called. Rye, sweet vermouth, Averna, & Swedish herb bitters.

"Buffalo Soldier" at Graffiato. 2 oz cachaca, 1 oz falernum, 1 oz Cardamaro, 1/2 oz lemon juice (my favorite so far).

My goal this week is to run twelve miles. Monica & I will probably get one more run in before she leaves for Greece on Wednesday, & hopefully I'll be able to wrap up the rest before & after conference sessions.

Hope you're having a good week!! :)


  1. I love DC, enjoy all the sights and monuments! Hope the post marathon recovery continues to go well!

  2. I love Zaytinya! Glad you enjoyed our DC humidity. ;-)

    1. It was fantastic! Planning a few more short, early morning runs if you want to meet up. :)

  3. Love DC! I spent so much time there as a kid. The Smithsonians are my favorites.

  4. OOH, nice photos at the top!!

    I was in DC last year and LOVED it! What a great city. There's a wonderful bookshop at Dupont Circle with a restaurant/cafe inside...they do great dessert! We loved it! Have a great time!

  5. I love DC!!! Glad that you are having a chance to catch up with a close friend and see some great sights.

  6. I had no idea Eleanor Franklin was so tall!!!

  7. Huh, I was just reading your most recent post in Feedly and it seems to have disappeared on the actual website! Accidental post? Whatever the case, congratulations on your continued recovery!

    Surprisingly (because I live in Alaska and because I like crap food), I've actually been to Zaytinya. Although when I went we didn't quite realize what we were in for, price-wise. That was a bit of a shock. A tasty shock.

    I've seen most of those monuments but never got to see Einstein. That's my new favorite! Eleanor... could use some help in the "your body is shaped like a rectangle" department.

    1. Lol, yes...This is why I shouldn't talk on the phone & blog at the same time. It's up for real now. :)

      Agreed - it was tasty, but not the kind of thing you can do all the time. (Cocktail prices seem especially outrageous to me here!)

  8. That Harissa drink is intriguing. There's chili sauce in it? (Harissa sauce is a chili sauce, right?) Sounds yummy.

    Enjoy DC. It's my fave. And I'm glad to see that you are up to 4 miles! That is so awesome!

    1. Oh, and yes, harissa is the chili sauce. I love a spicy cocktail!