Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Sorry, I Can't Read Your Blog This Week

As you can see, I am kind of busy.

Busy doing the kinds of things one traditionally does the week of her/his black belt test. Like fighting Jesus. And snakes. And punching people in the nuts.

If you point out that I could've used the time I spent on this post reading your blog, I will totally punch you in the nuts.

You *and* your snake.


  1. Good luck on your black belt test! Kick ass!

  2. Good luck good luck good luck...seriously excited for you.

  3. Good luck Angela!!! Go kick some ass...or some nuts :-)

    1. Thanks! Sorry we didn't get to meet up while you were here, but I hope you fun in Napa. :) Can't wait to hear how the race went!