Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's Called the 130% Rule, Right?

...for increasing weekly mileage, I mean?

Grand Total: 37.7 miles

    * 26.05 easy (I think I did that math right...)
    * 10 long
    * 1.65 speed / intervals

Whatever. Running too much is definitely not a problem I have right now & I'm pretty sure 38 miles is not going to kill me (at least not spread out over a week).

Monday 1/21: 6 easy + a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge & back. So I felt alright foot-wise on my run, but the walk across the Bridge & back with Don & his folks was apparently just not the ticket. Halfway across it really started to hurt, & by the time we turned around I was almost limping. By the time we were halfway back I was actually limping. This was a low moment as I had really thought it had been getting better. The plantar fasciitis & tendinitis together create a great synergy of lose.

But hey, pretty pictures! Look at us being all touristy.

Hey there San Francisco! Looking dapper as always.

Massive cables

Imposing tower is imposing. #nofilter, as the kids say nowadays.

Tuesday 1/22:

  • Lunch time - strength session
  • Evening - 5 speed work (1.5 warm up; 3 x 300m @ 6:11 pace / 100m jog; 400m jog; 3 x 300m @ 6:11 pace / 100m jog; 1.85 cool down)

Wednesday 1/23:

  • Lunch time - Pilates. This was my first Pilates class ever, and let me just tell you right off the bat that Pilates is not for the faint of heart. It kind of wins the prize for things that look fairly easy but in actuality are INSANELY hard (if you're doing it correctly & not cheating). It probably deserves its own post at some point, but I will just say that it was sooooo abundantly clear that this is totally the thing to do if you want to work on your core. Ouuuuuuccchhh.
  • Evening - Karate (as per usual)

Thursday 1/24:

Friday 1/25:

  • Lunch time - Karate. So I have this black belt test coming up, & I'm trying to, like, practice more & stuff. There are no mid-day classes at the gym on Friday, so I have the yoga room to myself, which is pretty much perfect for martial arts.
  • Evening - 6.2 easy. Like, actually easy. I am still very, very far from racing shape, but making some progress. Also 2 runs in a row without any foot pain!

Saturday 1/26: 4.5 easy. I cut this one a little short because I didn't want to risk wearing my legs out for my long run on Sunday. No complaints, & so far so good in terms of my foot.

Sunday 1/27: 10 long. An absolutely GORGEOUS day for a run in Golden Gate Park. Seriously. I meant to snap a couple of pictures for this, but I was just too busy enjoying it & totally forgot. So please enjoy these pictures of a similar-looking day from the interwebz.

Knowing that this was my first double-digit run since CIM and that it was coming at the end of my first solid training week since mid-November, I made a conscious effort to go into it with only two goals: 1) finish the distance, & 2) don't feel miserable after. I tried to keep it truly slow & easy, give myself 20-30 second mini-breaks pretty much whenever I felt like it (within reason), & just keep reminding myself that marathon training is itself kind of a meta-marathon & this run was about the miles & time on my feet, not speed. Yes, I was happy to be done, but definitely finished feeling good & not miserable. I have some niggling pain in my right piriformis / glute area, but okay, I can admit that that may be the 130% increase talking, and just to finish ten miles and my fourth run with no pain in my left foot is pretty exciting.

Up next week: NOT a 130% mileage increase.


  1. Pilates and yoga? I am impressed. Pilates is pretty tough when it looks easy.

    That is really cool you are testing for you black belt! When is your test?

    Golden Gate Park looks beautiful. Definitely want to go there in April. Need to add it to my list. We are going to be in town Thursday-Monday.

    1. My test is April 13, so I have some time, but I know I have a lot of work to do!

      Yes, definitely hit the park while you're here - maybe we can make a trip?

  2. Your pics are fantastic. And yea, I don't get all the instagram filters and stuff like that. Take the pic, and leave it at that. A great picture doesn't need any filters, and if a picture does need filters, then you took a crappy picture.

    Your Golden Gate Park pics are awesome, looks fantastic. I'm excited for Bay to Breakers even though it is still like 4 months away lol. This year I can finally run it all out I think, so we'll see what kind of time I can get on it this year. Not sure if a PR will be possible, but I bet I can get close.

    Good luck on the black belt test, you should be fine!

    1. Heh, thanks. And would you believe the pictures came from my phone? True story.

      I have never run B2B - I feel like a failed San Franciscan!