Thursday, December 20, 2012

News of the Restless

This is one of those kinda-sort-of-a-post-jk-not-really posts. I don't have much to post about lately that seems terribly interesting to people besides me, but here are some more-and-less random thoughts that you might find entertaining and/or amusing. Or not. It's kind of like "interesting roulette" up in here.

1) Apparently I'd forgotten that one of the reasons I run regularly is because I like to be able to mentally and emotionally function. There hasn't been much running lately. And thus there hasn't been much of what you can really call mental & emotional functioning, either. I like to not think about this & the way to not have to think about it is by running. Being hurt blows.

2) Getting up super early & driving somewhere to do an activity you find unappealing is great & all in theory, but when I stop and think about it it turns out that those are all the things in life I suck at rolled into one. Trying to deal with them in the midst of OMG-crazy-town-holiday-work-travel-prep was pretty much the last nail in that particular coffin. What I'm trying to say here is that the number of times I've been pool running this month = 0.

3) In spite of this, I am apparently so awesome that I can win races without even running the whole distance, or even running the entire distance I did travel. But seriously, considering the recent lack of running, it was a very, very healthy thing for me to a) do some expressly forbidden running b) with awesome people c) on a pretty route that I'm not so sick of looking at that it makes me want to stab my eyes out. Thanks, XLMIC & RoseRunner (& good to briefly see you too, Jen!). :)

While being fast enough to pose a legitimate threat to RoseRunner is a fond pipe dream of mine, it must be noted that she ran *at least* twice as far and nearly twice as fast.

Apparently the camera was not where I thought it was. Don't ask me how this is possible.

4) I have finally joined the 21st century & purchased a smart phone. My device of choice is the HTC One X+. My boyfriend refers to it as "the new sexy," but I would not know since it is the only smart phone I have ever had. The only draw back to it as far as I can tell is that it is the size of a small elephant, but based on all the different phones I looked at it seems like that's just how smart phones these days are made. In a nutshell, I chose it because 1) I get a discount on AT&T, 2) I'm all about open platform, 3) 4G LTE, & 4) 64 MB internal memory. Plus all the reviews I read were spectacular. So far, no complaints. Also I'm totally turning into one of those people who reads Facebook on the BART because I can't bear to be bored for seven minutes.

5) Praise the Lord, Brooks has taken the Launch off the chopping block!! I'd heard rumors to that effect, but they had them on sale at the CIM expo so I asked the reps what the deal was & if I should be stocking up. Their response? Stock up. The Launch is history. LIARS.

I would also like to note that in response to my profession of love for this shoe, one of the guys said, "I keep hearing people say that but I don't see anyone actually doing anything about it. No fan mail, no Twitter campaigns..." In retrospect I have decided that he probably did not actually work at Brooks & stole the shirt off the real guy for cheap thrills.

I'd pretty much decided reviewing the Launch was pointless, but now I clearly need to do one.

6) New Year's Plans? HELL YES.

Pasadena, I will see you & your sexy self in about ten days.

7) It sounds like I may have a black belt test coming up in the not-too-dim-and-misty future. And the answer is yes, I am kind of freaking out about that.

In case you've never been to a black belt testing, it's pretty much like this. Just kidding, this is obviously from a recent holiday party. Seriously. It's from a recent holiday party.

8) We went to Symphony Hall last Sunday to see the Count Basie Orchestra. I bring this up so I can post a picture of myself looking relatively normal for once.

Don said I looked like a vampire. I said that was his own fault for dating someone who looks like a vampire.

Hope your December's going well!


  1. I like this post! You are fun and we have twin phones. Please tell me what Don finds sexy about it... to me it's a phone that barely fits in my fitness belt and that is a problem. Ok bye. And happy Christmas!

    1. Heh...yes, the size is kind of absurd, but every new-ish one I looked at was at least 5", so I just kind of resigned myself to it. I think Don is mostly excited about it because his phone is like 2 years old & crappy. On the other hand, it fits in his pocket. :/

  2. "Getting up super early & driving somewhere to do an activity you find unappealing is great & all in theory..." = BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH.

    1. BTW, it may be a while before I am ready for speed work again but we are TOTALLY going to do some slow, easy runs together in January. This is happening.

  3. Ha, nice seeing you for about 2 minutes too on Saturday! Good job on winning, injury and all. :)

  4. I have heard so many great things about the Brooks Launch. I think I might need to try them out on my next shoe order. :-)

    1. Highly recommend! I'll write a review at some point with more details, but I really do love it as an all-around, go-to shoe.

  5. Thanks so much for coming out and eating donuts with us! I mean RUNNING with us ;-) And congrats on the win! And just so you know, the soup still hasn't really kicked in :(

  6. SO much funny stuff here...the photo when no-one correctly spotted the camera, the fantastic ninja outfit and yes, the vampire outfit too. Liking it lots!

  7. "Don said I looked like a vampire. I said that was his own fault for dating someone who looks like a vampire."
    That right there is how to win the "best comeback line" award. So now you should pose for another award while looking at something that is not the camera.