Monday, April 2, 2012

Week in Review: Mar 26 - Apr 1

Running ShoesThis is my weekly training journal. Including it in the blog gives me a little extra accountability in the mileage department & helps me stick to my schedule. :)

5 Weeks To M-A Big Bear Run 5K

7 Weeks To Windsor Green Half Marathon

Grand Total: 40 (all easy)

This was a pretty mellow week, being a post-race week and all. I took it pretty easy & mostly just focused on getting solid miles in.

Tuesday: 4 easy. Just a short post-race recovery run through the neighborhood. Quads were still pretty sore (especially the right, which is where most of the trouble has been lately), but everything else felt fine.

Wednesday: 6 easy. My usual loop around the Panhandle. Feeling almost normal again, except for some tightness in the right quad (grr...) and some achey-ness in the left hamstring/glute area, which is new.

Thursday: 8 easy. Out to Kezar, a few laps around the track, & home.

Saturday: 10 easy. This was a busy, busy day and I'd almost resigned myself to not having time for a run. Then I did some quick math & figured I might have around an hour and a half. This ended up being one of those run-out-until-you're-halfway-through-the-available-time-then-turn-around runs, and magically I got the full 10 in. :)

Sunday: 12 easy. I was out late at a dinner party Saturday, didn't sleep well, & got up early Sunday, so the absolute LAST thing I felt like doing was running. This was one of those days when the only way I got it done was by telling myself that I had to do SOME amount of running, even if it was only two or three miles. As I'm sure you know, the hardest part is always putting running clothes on & getting out the door. Once I was out, though, 12 didn't really seem that much worse than 2.

Next week starts another seven-week cycle through this bad boy!


  1. I am so notorious for not feeling like running until I get started and then sometimes it is hard to stop. The first couple of miles are always the worst. I always bargain with myself to get the miles in when I am not "feeling" it and then next thing I know I have run 12 miles and I am done. Good job! :-)

    1. It's a surprisingly effective strategy! Sometimes it's the only way I get any miles in at all.