Monday, April 23, 2012

Week in Review: Apr 16 - 22

Running ShoesThis is my weekly training journal. Including it in the blog gives me a little extra accountability in the mileage department & helps me stick to my schedule. :)

2 Weeks To M-A Big Bear Run 5K

4 Weeks To Windsor Green Half Marathon

Grand Total: 40 miles

* 33.5 easy
* 3.5 LT pace
* 3 speed

No (real) complaints here. I got my 40 miles in (for whatever reason this number is in my head as the bare minimum acceptable), didn't aggravate any of my recent aches/pains, and also avoided generating new ones. Lately that makes it a good week!

Other things that make for a good week are amazing weather and good wine. On Saturday, I got to spend 8am - 5pm indoors at a conference (*grumblegrumblegrumble*), but on Sunday we did our twice-yearly Williams Selyem pick-up in Sonoma, where the weather was lovely (as opposed to fog & drizzle in much of SF).

Pics or it didn't happen:

Selyem vines near the parking area

From the balcony area above the tasting room

Our two favorites of the day (though almost everything was spectacular) -- '10 Unoaked Chard & '09 Westside Road Neighbors Pinot

But before the wine tasting....

Monday: Karate + strength work + 8 easy. This was one of those days when I was really excited to go run, having only gotten out once in the last five days thanks to injury & then being out of town. Just an easy jaunt down to Kezar Stadium & back -- no hamstring issues, & everything felt great. I even went orthotics-free! :)

Tuesday: 2 wu + 3.5 @ LT pace + 2.5 easy 4 easy, at 9:00+ pace, and I was glad to have it. For whatever reason I felt completely out of gas from the very beginning. My first mile was 9:40, which is a number I haven't seen on my watch since taking a month off in December. Then around 1.5 miles I started having sharp, shooting pains in one of the bones in the top of my left foot. Running on it was painful enough that if I'd been on a treadmill I would've stopped right away. In retrospect I wonder if maybe going 8 miles orthotic-less was too much too soon. All things considered, I decided it was smarter to swap the longer, LT run with Wednesday's easy 4.

Wednesday: 4 easy 3.5 easy + 3.5 @ LT pace + 1 easy = 8 total. The advantage of switching this run to Wednesday was that I got to do it down at Stanford, which is always nice. The downside was that it was HOT (by SF standards) and the Campus Loop is a little bit rolly polly, so I figured I'd probably end up running the LT miles more by effort than actually numbers. On a track in cool weather I shoot for 7:22-24, so I was actually pretty excited to finish with a 7:30 average. (7:40, 7:29, 7:24, 3:40/7:20 pace) Top of my foot was still a little bit sore (still no idea why) but it didn't hurt while I was running, so bonus. :)

Thursday: 2 wu + 6 x 800 @ 5K pace + 3 easy = 8 total. This run got its own post because it was so dang amusing.

Friday: 7 easy (AM) + 5 easy (PM) = 12 easy. I knew this would be a busy weekend & I most likely wouldn't have time for a double-digit run start to finish, but I did find two chunks of time where I might be able to split it up. This is my first-ever double in my life (excepting relays, where I guess you could argue that two of three legs do fall within the same 24 hour period), and I was glad to find that I felt pretty good going into my PM run, with none of the dead/heavy legs or general exhaustion that I kind of half-expected.

Saturday/Sunday: Work, dinner party, wine pick, shopping. I'd tentatively scheduled six HM pace miles this weekend on the off chance that I magically found the time, but realistically I didn't think it would happen since I/we were pretty heavily booked all weekend. Which it didn't. Ah well. You do what you can.

Here's to two 40+ weeks in a row! I think that would be a first this year....

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  1. I love wine tasting! Great photos!

    I am glad that you got in your 40 miles too. It's always a good feeling to know that you put some good mileage in the bank.