Tuesday, January 10, 2012


...which will actually be never, given my lack of playing the lottery (mathematician). But #whenireceiveamassiveandlargelydisposablewindfall doesn't have the same ring to it.

But seriously. When I do, I am totally buying this outfit

dragon outfit

and I will race in it forever.

Let's see that again:

dragon bra

dragon shorts

For $64.95 plus shipping & handling, you too can be stylin' (do the kids say 'stylin' anymore?) in your Hollywood Dragon gear from INKnBURN. (I like the cherry blossom outfit too, but push come to shove, I've got to go with the dragons.)

They also make compression sleeves. Wearing the compression sleeves apparently makes you run like you're in Flashdance:

compression sleeves

Now, short of receiving enough cash to make myself & loved ones debt-free for life, there exists no universe where I'm ponying up $65 for a sports bra or a pair of shorts. Likewise for the $33 arm warmers.

But still. My birthday is next month, so if you're feeling generous, you know what to get me now. ;)

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  1. haha. amazing. i would wear that! well maybe 15 pounds ago. but yeah. awesome.