Monday, January 16, 2012

Week In Review: Jan 9 - 15

Running ShoesThis is my weekly training journal. Including it in the blog gives me a little extra accountability in the mileage department & helps me stick to my schedule. :)

5 Weeks to Bay Breeze 10K

10 Weeks to Oakland Half Marathon

Monday: Karate + strength work.

Tuesday: 6 miles easy. Still super hard.

Wednesday: Karate + strength work + 4 miles easy. I wasn't trying to run any faster than usual, but this ended up being an 8:40 / mile run (as opposed to 9:15-9:30). I think the main difference was running in Golden Gate Park, which is considerably flatter in my neighborhood. Still pretty tough, though, & sunny to boot.

Thursday: No running; strength work.

Friday: 6 miles easy. I can't say it really felt easy, but I definitely felt a LOT closer to normal than I have. This run felt a lot more like what I expect a 9:06 / mile run to feel like.

Saturday: 8 miles easy. I met Courtney, Alyssa, and Sesa at the Presidio Sports Basement to run with the PamaKids Kaiser Half training group. When we realized they were planning on running a hilly trail route, we decided to just do flat, easy laps at Crissy Field. The first few miles were tough but once I got warmed up, I started to feel almost normal.

Sunday: 6 miles easy 4 miles easy. It was supposed to be six, but when everything below my knees was crying out in protest after a quarter mile, I wasn't sure I could (or should) make it. I felt sluggish & slow & tired on top of that which didn't help. I could've dealt with that; after all, the day before had been my longest run since Dec. 4, technically making this one of those "recovery" runs where you practice running on sluggish, tired legs. What I wasn't sure I could deal with was the immense amount of legitimate pain in my lower legs (shin splints, ankles, Achilles, feet, you name it). Seriously. It felt like someone was hammering a giant spike up through my feet and into my shin bones with every step. When it hadn't gotten any better by the time I got to 2 miles, I decided to cut my losses & just turn around. Later a bunch of us then went for an 8 mile urban hike through Golden Gate Park & up to Sutro Baths. Fun, but chilly and SUPER windy.

Grand Total: 28 miles

I'd wanted to get to 30 this week, but those last two miles were just Not Going To Happen today. Still, progress. Next week I'm going to start adding in a bit of speed & threshold work. Having a little bit of shin splint & ankle pain and a little tightness in terms of breathing, but I've got my fingers crossed that all that will resolve as I get back into shape.

On the plus side, I got up at 8:15 & 8:30 am respectively on Saturday and Sunday to run and didn't feel like I wanted to shoot myself, which is kind of a big deal since I am rarely up before nine even on week days. This is slightly encouraging re: potentially committing to one "early" run a week.

Hope you had a great week 2! :)

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