Monday, August 8, 2011

Week In Review: July 31 - Aug 6

Running ShoesThis is my weekly training journal. Including it in the blog gives me a little extra accountability in the mileage department & helps me stick to my schedule. :)

Having raced hard and finished strong on Saturday, I decided to take a few days off at the beginning of this week to let my legs rest. Somewhat arbitrarily, I decided that I'd give it til my new shoes arrived. (Sadly, although they arrived on Tuesday, it was late enough in a busy day that I wasn't able to take them out for a test run until Wednesday.)

Wednesday: 5 miles easy. Running in a different training shoe for the first time in five years or so is a little weird. At several points I found myself getting a little bit paranoid: Does my heel hurt? I think my heel hurts. Is it the shoes? Okay now it's gone. Wait--are my toes going numb? Has that happened before? I think my toes might be numb. Or not. My arch feels all weird. I think. Maybe. Again, my body is weird sometimes. And so is my brain. It will definitely take a few more runs to get a good sense of how the shoes will work out. The only bummer about this run was that I had a small asthma attack about a mile in, which made the last four miles maybe not as much fun as they would have been otherwise, and it was nice to be done.

Thursday: 8 miles easy. This was the day I experimented with trying to find a medium-length loop through the city without too many hills. My calves & associated tendons took a couple of miles to warm up, but after that they felt pretty good, and I held a reasonably strong pace all the way to the end. Will definitely be running this route again! New shoes working out so far.

Friday: 5 miles (1 warm up + 3 x 10:00 @ 10K pace). I was kind of on the fence about doing a speed workout this week, but my legs felt good this morning so I decided to just go to the track and see what I could do. Usually my plan is to jog 3-4 easy miles after a speed workout, but this one took a lot out of me -- I felt like I had to work really hard just to keep my intervals at the very slowest end of my 10K pace. Also, my left leg was throbbing a little, so decided it was probably best to take the 5 & call it good.

I wanted to run Saturday but my legs weren't feeling so great after the track stuff Friday (mostly right tib med). I figured I could probably get through 5-7 miles if I tried, but also figured there was a non-zero chance that doing so might preclude the 10-12 miles I had planned for Sunday, so I decided to skip it.

Grand Total: 18 miles

Not a stellar mileage week, but not TOO lame for the week after a hard race (especially considering that the first thing to go after a Saturday race is the Sunday long run. Though this may just mean I need to shuffle things around when that happens). Definitely planning on starting things off this coming week with a nice 10-12 miler on Sunday. New shoes seem to be working out well -- I'll give it a few more runs before I say more about them, but I'm enjoying them so far. :)

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