Friday, August 26, 2011

Speedy McSpeederson (er...sort of)

Uncharacteristically, I took Tuesday off from running, which gave me the fortitude (given my achy hip & back) to do a good, solid (but not overkill) speed workout on Wednesday.

A beautiful day at Kezar Stadium!

kezar 8.24.11
Pre speed work. Why he-LLOO, five minute repeats at 5K pace, how YOU doin'?!?

kezar 8.24.11
(You've got to flirt with your speed work a little if you really
want to rev her engine. This is my flirty face.)

I have a training partner!!! (Or not; he left me pretty quickly to go dig in the garbage can.)

kezar 8.24.11kezar 8.24.11

kezar 8.24.11
Post speed work. Apparently 5K pace repeats make me kind of drunk (?).

End of speed work = no longer such a beautiful day. Have you ever found yourself shivering on the 5th of 5 repeats? (Note: Photo enhanced to drive home my point.)

kezar 8.24.11
Told you it would get nasty again. Heh.

In other news, Angela needs some serious sports massage action all up in her lumbar region. On the plus side, it is ON like DONKEY KONG tomorrow morning in San Leandro.

Good luck to everyone else who is racing this weekend! :)

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