Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pre-Race Fueling & Post-Race Recovery

In addition to racing a 10K this weekend, there was an awful lot of ridiculous eating and drinking.

Pre-race dinner Friday night:

Dry-aged roast & Yorkshire pudding, courtesy of our roommate, the Master of Beef:

beef carve


(Seriously. Any time anyone asks me what my favorite steak house in San Francisco is, I say "My house.")

Fresh-from-the-farmers' market salad with homemade dressing, courtesy of his lovely lady:


salad finished

Eleven-year-old Turnbull Black Label Napa Cab, courtesy of Don:

turnbull cab

Some people say you shouldn't drink alcohol the night before a race. Well, eff that noise. If there's beef involved, there's damn well going to be some cab up in this bee-yotch.

In short...


...it was a good night.

The recovery meal was brought to you by the letter T, which, in addition to "Ten-K Winner," also stands for....

taouk (Lebanese chicken kababs) with toum (garlic sauce) & tabbouleh

...Taouk (Lebanese chicken kababs) with toum (garlic sauce) & tabbouleh

turkish meat pies

...Turkish meat pies


...Toasted polenta with Tomasso's marinara sauce, gorgonzola, & fontina

tomato tartlets

...Tomato tartlets with basil & mozzarella

tuna tartare

...Tuna tartare


...Potato, onion, & egg tortilla

tres leches

...and tres leches cake for dessert.

Yeah; it was a good weekend. :)

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