Monday, July 25, 2011

Week In Review: July 17 - 23

Running ShoesThis is my weekly training journal. Including it in the blog gives me a little extra accountability in the mileage department & helps me stick to my schedule. :)

This week was pretty lame running-wise, thanks to Life, the Universe, and Everything. We spent Sunday afternoon seeing Harry Potter (yay!), & then ended up hanging out with some friends on Don's from out of town on short notice. Til two in the morning. And drinking a lot. So no running happened Sunday.

I thought I'd make it up Monday after work, but after only getting about four hours of sleep it was pretty clear by, say, 10 am that I wasn't really doing much of ANYTHING until I had a nap. So I came home and crashed. When I woke up it was time to leave for karate class, so no running Monday either. This is all even worse than it sounds; we were in Seattle this weekend for a wedding, and due to tight travel and festivity schedules, I had no time to run on Saturday or Sunday. (That whole "one more 30+ mile week" thing? Yeah, didn't really think ahead about that.)

Tuesday: 8.2 miles (1 wu + 3 x 10:00 @ 10K pace + 3 easy/moderate) But Tuesday! Tuesday, I was damned well getting my run in. I actually had a good bit of work to do, so I decided to work until my brain stopped functioning, then go run, then continue working. I think I mentioned last time that I'm trying a new speed work tactic where I alternate (by the week) five-minute intervals at 5K pace and ten-minute intervals at 10K pace. The five-minute intervals were tough on my lower legs last week, but the tens were a little more manageable. (They end up feeling a lot like mile repeats, only longer and fewer.) This isn't to say it was an altogether pain-free run, but I made it through feeling reasonably good and like I could tack on some easy miles to in some way compensate for missing my Sunday run (and next Saturday too). I kind of wanted to get in nine, but at about eight I started feeling the left Achilles a little more acutely; as Beth at Shut Up And Run has mentioned lately, this is the moment where you're either a smart athlete or a DASA (dumb as shit athlete). I jogged back to my car and called it good, thereby avoiding the moniker of DASA, at least for today.

And that was it. I'd planned runs for Thursday and Friday but had scheduled Wednesday as a rest day; for a little while I thought about maybe trying to get in a short, easy run since I had so few days scheduled anyway. That was before I started having serious pain in my right Achilles again, though, even just walking around at work. To make a long story short, there was no running at all after that for the rest of the week. (You can read the long story here.)

I'd hoped that several days off would take care of whatever's going on with my leg, but we did so much walking and rushing around this weekend that I'm not sure you can really call it "rest." I can still feel that it's a little sore, but I'm hoping to try a few easy miles tomorrow, just to see how it's feeling. If it's still bad, there's probably a date with a sports medicine doctor in my future. :P

Grand Total: 8.2 miles

This week may be a little touch and go. I'm supposed to run Bad Bass 10K Saturday; if my leg is feeling alright, I should still be in good enough shape to run reasonably well. To that end, I'm planning to err on the side of caution this week & just focus on being healthy enough to run, even if I don't get all that many miles in.

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