Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Discount Codes!!

Just getting these off my plate before they're no good anymore:

(And if you try one & it doesn't work please let me know so I can remove it.)


Water To Wine Half Marathon & 10K, August 6, Sonoma County (starting and finishing at Kendall Jackson Winery). Save 10% with LUCKY10 through March 30. I haven't run this race, but I've run the other two in the series (Windsor Green Half & Healdsburg Half) & they've been quite well done.

SACTOWN 10-Mile & 5k, April 2, Sacramento, CA. Save $5 with code LUCKY5 until ???. This race has a great reputation -- I've never run it but it's on my list.

The San Francisco Marathon, July 23, San Francisco, CA. Save $10 on the full or half with code TSFM2017STEPHANIEL or TSFM2017ERIN until ??? or $10 off the 5K with code TSFM2017STEPHANIEL5K or TSFM2017ERIN5K. (You should also check out Erin's blog!)

The Hollywood Half Marathon, April 8, Hollywood, CA. Save $5 with code STAR until ???.


  1. Or you can use mine for SF (just sub Erin) :) they should work for a while still. I guess there's always the chance that the race could pull them early, but with this year being the 40th anniversary, I think they're going to try to go all HAM :)

  2. Good to know!! I'll definitely add yours. :)

  3. Code NEWSTAR will also save you 25% off the Hollywood Half!