Tuesday, June 30, 2015

SRM WEEK 12 of 20: Reset / Reboot

After my dubious experience in Sunnyvale on Sunday, I needed to wash that race right outta my hair!

Yes, the entire experience was disappointing (note: under the circumstances, I am NOT disappointed in myself), but there are some bright spots.

First, starting soon after the end of the race, I had this suspicion that even though the race was physically uncomfortable and I finished hard and am not sure I could have run it much faster, it was not really going to physically count as a truly hard effort. At every stage post-race (30 seconds after, 5 minutes after, 2 hours after, 10 hours after), I just felt way better than I should have. I felt great Monday morning & even got up early for a solid strength workout (not something I'm usually up to the morning after a real race). Nothing felt the least bit off Monday or Tuesday. Which is all great because, woo-hoo, feeling normal again after one day instead of three!

Second, I had Monday through Wednesday as scheduled rest days, but Sunday was so unsatisfying that by Tuesday afternoon I *really* wanted to get out for a nice, easy, cleansing run. I didn't go to the track (that seemed like pushing it), but because I suspected the race hadn't been near as hard on my body as I'd expected, I decided to go out for a few easy miles for however long was comfortable, maybe three and maybe eight.

I don't know if it was the overall low mileage last week or what, but this easy run felt better than any easy run in several weeks. Four miles out I still felt great but forced myself to exhibit some restraint & turn around anyway. Plus, the weather was perfect--warm and balmy in the Mission; cool in the Panhandle; slightly breezy but comfortable in the Park. There is nothing like a good run to get a bad one out of your system!

Third, though I would much rather have had a solid race, not having had one means that I can run actual mileage this week, including a long run on Sunday. I was totally ready to sacrifice some mileage to taper & recovery in order to get an all-out race in, but since that didn't work out, at least I'll get some extra training time in.

This coming week, I think I will probably stick to the plan to not do any workouts, but will go back to pretty much normal mileage; just all at an easy pace.

~*~*~SRM WEEK 12 OF 20~*~*~

Grand Total: 24 miles

    * 7.8 easy
    * 6.2 speed
    * 10 race

Monday: Rest, but not by choice

    Work, work, work.

Tuesday: Rest, but again...not by choice

    We had dinner reservations at a new fancy pants spot in SF, so I'd planned to do leave work a little early so as to get my track workout in beforehand. Alas, work stuff came up & I barely managed to leave just in time to make it to dinner.

    (On the other hand, if you're in the Bay Area & feel like dropping a chunk of change on a cool prix fixe, check out Californios. Really cool food with a Mexican twist. Also DO THE WINE PAIRING.)

Wednesday: 2 warm up, 2 x 1K @ 10K pace, 4 x 1K @ 5K pace, 2 x 1K @ 10K pace, 1.8 cool down Karate

    I figured that since I didn't get the track workout done Tuesday, I'd skip karate & do it Wednesday. Alas, things came up & I had to be in class.

Thursday: 7 easy 2 warm up, 2 x 1K @ 10K pace, 4 x 1K @ 5K pace, 2 x 1K @ 10K pace, 1.8 cool down = 10 total

    I really did not want to do this workout this late in the week, but it was a big one & I didn't want to skip it. So, I went ahead with it & just hoped the fact that this ends up being a really low mileage week will kinda-sorta make up for it.

    Those middle four intervals? BITCHES. It was hot & I hadn't eaten particularly well that day or the day before, so let's blame it on that.

    This is the face of a woman who has done three
    10+ mile track workouts in as many weeks. BOO. YA.

Friday: Rest

    I don't like resting on Friday. Friday is for running. Thankfully I had a good college friend in town that I hadn't seen in over ten years! Also it was our other friend's 30th birthday, so we had to take her out to celebrate proper-like. Sorry no pics because we were too busy, like, living our actual lives.

Saturday: 2 easy

    Just an easy shake-out run.

Sunday: 2 warm-up + 10 race

    (You already know how this turned out.)

Onwards & upwards!!!


  1. Those easy runs where you feel like you could run forever are the best. Also, I'm exactly the same when it comes to pictures with friends. I almost never take pictures of us -- it's the stuff we're doing (pretty overlook from a hike, for instance) that I take snapshots of. Of course, this means I have barely any pictures with friends, but oh well...

  2. Replies
    1. Dude. You need to go here sometime when you're in town & feel like blowing some cash. There's got to be a way you could arrange for it to be a business expense!

  3. Glad you are picking up and moving forward after the race! The food looks yummy. One thing about living in the sticks is we don't exactly have fancy restaurants. :(