Sunday, March 8, 2015

Admit it, sloth is kind of awesome.

Life has been fairly calm since NVM. This past week I slept a lot, wrote a couple of race reports, caught up on some work, and spent a lot of time drinking wine in soft pants.

It turns out sloth recovery is pretty awesome.

I'd figured I'd do a little running on Wednesday or Thursday, just two or three miles or so to shake out my legs, which actually would have been fine since I was never really sore from the race (?!?!); however, as of Tuesday a couple of my toes started to feel like they'd been slammed in a car door and/or broken, so running was not really in the cards for a few days.

Which, honestly, was fine. I did go to karate both days, but besides that, it's been kind of nice to spend the evenings sitting around slothing it up recovering & catching up on some reading.

(Speaking of which, I have some reviews in the works for you. And also a "Classics of 2015" post that is just taking an absurdly long time to finish.)

Various dentists have been bugging me to get my wisdom teeth out for the last ten years or so and at my check-up in January I was informed that I had my very first cavities ever (THREE. Wtf?) & needed some fillings. The first weekend post-marathon when I'm slothing it up recovering anyway seemed like the most logical time to deal with all that, so this weekend has been pretty chill as well.

Apparently, I took a bunch of horrific selfies when I got home from the dentist Friday morning while I was still "under the influence." I remember nothing until about 10pm that night.

I recovered incredibly quickly, though, which was good since Saturday was our "W" dinner party.

Welsh Rarebit on wheat & white bread. If you are not acquainted with the magic that is Welsh rarebit, just imagine what it might be like if you mixed melted cheddar cheese, heavy cream, Porter, & a bunch of spices together. Basically the most amazing cheese sauce in the history of ever.


(Beef) Wellington

(Beef) Wellington w/ wilted spinach salad with watermelon radishes, whipped potatoes, & Washington cab

Winter fruits with whiskey-infused whipped cream, whiskey syrup, and walnut liqueur.
(This may have been the best idea I ever had, btw.)

Could there possibly be a more fitting meal with which to end my week of sloth recovery? I think perhaps no.

I've started some preliminary planning for the next phase of my attack on 3:30, so more on that soon. Before that, though, I suppose I should formally close the book on this training cycle with one last weekly recap:

~*~*~NVM WEEK 16 OF 16~*~*~

Grand Total: 41.9 miles

    * 17.5 easy
    * 26.4 race

No strength work besides some push-ups & crunches in karate. I've promised myself I'll get back to it with some amount of consistency now that my week of sloth recovery is over.

Monday: Karate

Tuesday: 6 easy

    Technically this was supposed to include a couple of GMP miles, but I still wasn't feeling 100% & decided it was more likely that I would regret doing the fast miles than regret not doing them.

Wednesday: Karate

    I had to teach this night but took it pretty easy. There are not many things worse on race week than inflicting some dumb and completely avoidable injury on yourself (which I have done).

Thursday: 6 easy

    Forgot to charge my watch so just ran my usual six-mile loop at a super easy pace, which maybe is not the worst thing ever three days out from a race.

Friday: Rest

    Actually would have really liked to have gotten a short run in, but I restrained myself & stuck to the plan.

Saturday: 2 easy

    A quick shake-out jaunt around the neighborhood before we headed to Napa.

Sunday: 1.5 warm-up / 26.4 race

    Race report here. :)


  1. You have reminded me to make Welsh rarebit.

  2. Sloth is fantastic for a while but I reckon you'd get sick of it pretty quickly. I know I'd get restless. Wouldn't be so much fun if you did it all the time.

  3. Thank you for the drugged selfie, which made my day. I have no cavities and thought I was immune to them, so I'm kind of gutted you finally got some.

    I am a great believer in post-race sloth. As opposed to Char above, I actually find myself getting MORE slothful the longer I leave it...I start to find even the thought of exercising deeply unattractive, so I have to be wary of it.

    I went to uni in Wales. I am a big fan of its rarebit!