Wednesday, February 25, 2015

NVM WEEK 15: "Two weeks out = suck, marathon = good luck?" That's what they say, right?


You probably can't even remember what your life was like this long ago. It doesn't matter, though, because it's not that remarkable. My entire work has been blowing up with fires lately so *I* can barely remember what my life was like from day to day lately.

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~*~*~NVM WEEK 15 OF 16~*~*~

Grand Total: 40 miles

    * 27 easy
    * 13 long

Plus 2 x 0:45 strength work (and a couple of quick ones here & there where I could fit them in. One of these days I seriously have to do a post about the work that AT has me doing, because I feel like it's the first strength-related stuff I've done in a while that's actually challenged me.)

Monday: a.m. strength work / p.m karate

Tuesday: 6 easy

    Yet another day of feeling not-quite-sick but not quite 100% either. I was going to run 10 miles, but we had early dinner plans with Don's parents & I didn't work out my timing exactly right (seems to be a theme lately) so I was going to just run 7-8. But then I felt super shitty & sloggy & decided it was smarter to settle for 6 & see if I could get a few more in on Wednesday. On the other hand, this run tied for my best run yet in terms of miles per heartbeat since I started this whole base training thing. Soooo there's that I guess???

    (BTW, I have a whole *thing* about this. When is "Ugh, I feel like death, cutting it short" the smart thing to do training wise vs times when pushing through, no matter how miserable, actually makes you stronger in an objective, physiological sense. I am not always 100% sure I know the difference. Maybe there's a whole blog post in there somewhere....)

Wednesday: a.m. strength work / afternoon 4 easy / p.m. karate

    I had my first session with the new massage therapist Wednesday afternoon, after which I felt like i could probably use a few easy shakeout miles (which worked out well mileage-wise, considering Tuesday's aborted 10-miler). I felt sick and gross and like you could not have paid me enough to go further than four miles. #wtf

Thursday: 2 easy / 6 @ GMP / 2 easy 8 easy

    Uggggh lord. At this point I thought I should probably be recovered enough for one last GMP run before NVM, but no. My warm up felt like crap, but I dutifully gunned the engines after that for about half a mile before my absurd heart rate and pathetic pace made it quite clear that for whatever reason, it was #nothappening. If I was still a few weeks away from a marathon I might have pushed through just based on effort, but given that I had only 1.5 weeks left, it seemed smarter to cut my losses & take whatever I could get. This run did NOT rank high on the "miles per beat" scale. Not even a little.

Friday: 9 easy

    This day got off to a bizarro start with an early-morning medical procedure that required 8 hours of fasting. It was outpatient but still required general anesthesia, so I'd been fully prepared to be completely out of it all day (we all remember this incident, amirite?) & end up with a big fat zero for the day in terms of mileage.

    NOT SO!! At long last the universe saw fit to reward my diligence with a Garmin-less (forgot to charge, oops) yet lovely run on a gorgeous afternoon. Originally this week called for 8 this day & then a 12 mile "long" run on Sunday for a total of 38, but I felt so good that I decided to tack on one more. Who knew anesthesia could be so performance-enhancing?

Saturday: Rest

    Another delicious, wine-filled day with the un-laws.

Sunday: 13 long

    A 38 mile week I can deal with, but 39?? Seriously, who does that?? I can only assume that anyone who wouldn't tack on just oooonne more mile has no soul.

    At this point 13 doesn't really feel like a proper long run, but that is the magic of kinda-sorta-tapering, right?

    (Seriously, though. With as little as I've run these last few months and the sheer percentage that's been nothing but long, slow, easy miles, I barely feel like a taper is even warranted.)

    Afterward, I came home and had another--you guessed it!--good ol' green smoothie.

    This picture is for Grace, who felt my previous green smoothie
    picture was sorely lacking. (Still working on those oatmeal pics. ;) )

    Don't worry, I had this croque monsieur after to balance things out.



  1. For what it's worth, I wholeheartedly ascribe to the title of this post.

  2. I've only had one marathon so far, but this was exactly what happened. And it's happened with half marathons as well. So, I think you've got this. Also: good luck!!!