Monday, December 8, 2014

Miss Zippy (who I always want to call 'Mizzippy')'s Year of Running Link-Up!

I am almost done recapping Week 4 (it's kind of a doozy & you'll understand why once I get it posted), but in the mean time, it's time for Miss Zippy's Year of Running post, 2014 edition!

  • Best race experience? Probably my first race back after my stress fracture, the Get Lucky 5K in Rohnert Park in March. I had just got the clearance to run three straight miles with no walking, so HELL YEAH, the first thing I'm going to do is go race a 5K. An all-time PW, but it felt so good just to get out and run fast (or at least what felt fast at the time).

  • Best run? Oh geez. No idea. I don't keep track of these things. My Halloween run was pretty great. That first race after the stress fracture was great. But honestly, I can't pick out anything anymore specifically than that.

  • Best new piece of gear? No contest, my Mio wrist band heart rate monitor. I've been meaning to write a proper review for it--I promise I'll get to it soon! Basically there is no way I could possibly wear a heart rate monitor for every run otherwise.

  • Best piece of running advice you received? It's a tie between "Eat more protein, preferably at every meal" and "SLOW THA EFF DOWN on the easy runs." Since September I've slowed my easy runs down from 8:00-8:30/mile to 10:00-10:30/mile, and I've seen some significant aerobic gains as a result. (Here's hoping that translates into faster race times in the spring.)

  • Most inspirational runner? This woman I just learned about called Aimee Mullins, who is the fastest woman in history with prosthetic legs. I heard an interview with her on NPR & then saw a TED talk she did, and her story is just amazing. Also she is DEAD hilarious

  • If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? An educational roller coaster ride. I've had some high highs and low lows, and definitely learned a LOT about smart training and racing and generally taking care of a runner's body that I'm looking forward to putting into practice even more next year.

    You can check out everyone else's link at Miss Zippy's page by clicking on her picture above!


    1. Slowing down really helped me (it was my answer to that question last year!) and eating more protein has definitely had an impact on how my body recovers so far this training cycle. I couldn't believe I was a month in because in the past my body was feeling tired at this point.

      So the Mio is a purely wrist band HRM, right? Is it pretty accurate? I'd read that generally wrist bands were way off, but I just cannot bring myself to use a chest HRM after having a terrible chafing incident there (not from a HRM, from a sports bra, but same area).

      1. Yep, the Mio is just a wrist ban. I can't say I've ever run wearing BOTH monitors to compare numbers, but the ones I see on the Mio seem pretty comparable to the ones I used to see with the chest strap. If there is a difference, it's small and consistent, so I've been able to train with it in exactly the same way. (Really, it's just a matter of calibrating the numbers your device is showing to your effort level). Agree, the chest strap chafing is totally unacceptable!

    2. Hell to the yes on the slowing down! It is amazing what it can do for a runner, isn't it? I hope 2015 brings you nothing but progress with no setbacks. Thanks much for playing along!

    3. I forgot all about your stress fracture! You DID have an eventful year!
      I think you're on the right track now, though. One of these days I will heart rate train. One of these days.

      1. It will be there when you're ready! ;)