Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week in Review: July 9 - 15

Running ShoesThis is my weekly training journal. Including it in the blog gives me a little extra accountability in the mileage department & helps me stick to my schedule. :)

3 weeks to Summer Breeze 10K

6 weeks to Santa Rosa Half Marathon

First, mad congratulations to everyone who raced (or, y'know, ran in a circle for multiple hours. That's like a race) on Sunday! Well done, you guys! My week was less impressive than last week, but still very respectable under the circumstances.

Grand Total: 30.3

    * 20.3 easy
    * 6 HM pace
    * 4 speed/intervals

Monday: Karate, but late again so no strength work. :(

Tuesday: 2 wu + 4 x 1600 @ 10K pace +2 easy. Only my second time out at the track since Windsor Green Half, and not a bad workout if I do say so myself.

Wednesday: Karate + strength work. (Note to self -- it's really time to get back to doing strength stuff outside of class.)

Thursday: 8 easy. I really don't know what to say about this run except a) it was supposed to be easy, b) I felt like I was shuffling along at a glacial pace, c) my body felt like total crap most of the time, & d) when I got home & looked at my splits, my average pace was 8:04 / mile. Pacing FAIL. Apparently sometimes ignoring the watch causes more problems than it solves.

Friday: 2 wu + 6 @ HM pace + 2 easy = 10. Based on how Thursday went, I was completely prepared for this run to suck and be stupid hard. Which it kind of did. Maybe not as bad as I had been anticipating, but I did not feel good. I was having *such* a hard time in the early miles hitting HM pace--though there was a fierce headwind so that was part of it--and then realized somewhere around the 5th pace mile that my Garmin had apparently dropped a tenth of a mile in there somewhere, which meant my average pace was actually running 7:29ish rather than 7:36ish. SCREW YOU, GARMIN. It's been having all kinds of satellite issues lately. So yes, it was a tough run, made unnecessarily tougher by my trusting the numbers on my watch over my effort level (which was partly what inspired this post).

Saturday: 6.3 easy. I had 14 easy scheduled for Sunday which I was pretty sure was not going to happen due to Fight Club that evening, so I thought maybe I'd switch them up & try to get the 14 in on Saturday. Or I would try. Or I would just start running & see how many miles I could put up. Well, this turned out to be one of those runs where you get 1-2 miles in & you're already looking forward to every red light. I was utterly exhausted, plus having some not insignificant shin splint/ankle pain. I figured if I could get in the originally planned six, that would be quite an accomplishment. Made it to 6.3, so can't complain.

Sunday: Fight Club. On Sunday morning I went back & forth about whether or not to do a short run & then just rest up during the afternoon. Realistically, if I'd had nothing else planned, I probably would've tried to get in just a few miles, but given how exhausted my body has been this week & the little complaints I've been getting from the usual suspects in my legs & feet, a rest day (at least running-wise) seemed like a better choice. This was just one of those days where I felt pretty certain that another run was actually going to cause more trouble than benefit.

Would I have liked to have gotten up to 40 this week? Sure. But do I feel like I made the smart choice rather than the heroic one? Yes, absolutely.

And really, when I think about it in context, this week makes a lot of sense. Coming off of some pretty low mileage weeks, I ran 38 last week and felt great. It makes sense that another 30+ week right away when my body has been used to more like 20 for the last month might result in some less-than-stellar-feeling runs. (Plus, I'm still readjusting to working full time and running decent mileage at the same time, and I'm definitely not used to it yet.) This coming week I'll probably try to shoot for 30ish again, then 35-40 the week after, then 30 again going into Summer Breeze on 8/4.

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